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Preventive Maintenance is required to keep your Packflow Solutions running smoothly and not have any unforeseen breakdowns. Mahpac's global network of specialized Service Engineers are ready to do services and maintenance when required. As part of our Industry 4.0 rollout we have Packflow SMS, which monitors the components and updates you as well as us (if chosen) and let's you know of daily/weekly/monthly yearly maintenance tasks which you can perform ahead of our yearly service. .

Packflow SMS

By using our Packflow Service Maintenance System you will be able to see what standard jobs are coming up and when the machine is due for a larger service. With the Mobile apps you will be able to schedule a service technician in a matter of minutes or update any work orders you have completed. With Mobile apps maintenance has been made even easier, so you can take pictures and write the reports straight away.

Service Package

Our service packages comes in several different packages such as Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum each with it’s own level of service and parts built into the agreement to match the needs of our customers. For customers with Packflow SMS, we have introduced Stock Replenishment so when an item is used (and scanned) it update the system which then will send a Replenishment order to us when a minimum has been reached.

Packflow Heartbeat

Packflow Heartbeat can be integrated with the rest of the production line and enable to you to have a complete overview of how the production in running in a single application. Packflow Heartbeat is also integrated into Packflow SMS.


Our Service Engineers and Service Department will make sure that the services are done at the correct time like a product change in the line, so while the change is being done we can do the service to maximize your profits and minimize your downtime. We always have Service Engineers on standby to if urgent service is required.